£5,000 starting salaries proposed for employees

Salaries for new employees are set to rise to £5,000, under government plans for the biggest reform to employee pay in a generation.

The Pension Scheme is also one of the most generous on offer. From September, the government will be fully funding increased contributions into the scheme, so that school leaders can focus as much of their resources as possible on the front line. It means employees will get an employer contribution of 23.6% on top of their salary towards their pension every year to ensure the scheme is fully funded.

Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the plans today (2 September), underlining his determination to recognize professional workers as the high-value, prestigious profession it is.

Mr. Williamson will set out his proposal to increase employees’ starting salaries by up to £5,000 in a remit letter to the School Employee’ Review Body (SERB), asking for their recommendations on raising the starting salaries of new employees as well as next year’s pay award.

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